Energized Honey

Raw Creamed Unpasteurized Honey that is energized by Quantum Technology

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4RBees planting wildflower seeds.

The World's First AND ONLY Energized honey.

PureWave honey originates from the Grey Highlands of the Horseshoe Green Belt that is located in Southern Ontario Canada.  Here, honey bees pollinate farms, forests and open fields of cultured medicinal wildflowers. They return to hives that are bathed in PureWave Quantum Energy.


The honey bee population is currently under great stress from pesticides that are weakening the bee’s immune system. When a PureWave Cell – a companion product,  is placed inside a bee hive, the colony prospers, they produces honey in abundance and maintain a healthy bee immune system. Learn more at PureWaveCell.com

Healthy hives make healthy honey

PureWave honey is sourced from apiaries that minimize exposures to pesticides and fungicides. A PureWave cell can then help support the bee’s immune system by killing harmful pathogens they encounter while foraging for nectar.  

The honey has a unique sweet flavour that is popular with connoisseurs who understand the nuances of blended nectar from medical wildflowers.  


Packaging the Purewave Honey

Marketed as a premium private label brand, PureWave honey is unpasteurized to retain all of the healthy enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is manufactured and packaged in a Health Canada licensed facility that meets all FDA regulations for export to the USA.  

Bottling the honey in a certified facility

PPMF Energization

After packaging, the honey is then shipped to our warehouses in Canada and the USA for further processing. Similar to homeopathy, the product is bathed in a wide spectrum of quantum frequencies using Chrysalis Energizers. Pulsed Permanent Magnetic Fields amplify the honey’s natural bioelectric properties. 

PPMF Chrysalis Energizer in warehouse
Inside the Chrysalis Energizer

How does it work?

The Chrysalis Energizer uses a combination of patented and proprietary technologies, that involves the rotation of three cylinders that house hundreds of powerful neodymium magnets. Their geometric shape, placement and velocity of motion creates a quantum wave consisting of millions of frequencies that expand outwards for several meters.  

Special Frequencies

The rotation speed of the cylinders determine the dominant carrier frequency, the wave shape and intensity of the quantum wave. The honey is bathed in this field for several days to ensure an even exposure. Great attention is paid to ensure that the honey is not exposed to electro smog while in storage.  

Fluke Scope shows shape of the quantum wave

Electrography to view the energy

An electrographic camera can display the conductivity of the object. Electrically conductive matter exposed to high frequency voltage will emit a cold corona discharge of electrons on an electrified quartz plate window.  

Vial of PureWave Honey on Electrographic Camera

The image above shows the bright electrical discharge that emanates from the PureWave honey before energization.  Dark areas in the vial are not conductive to electricity. 

After energization, the electro graph shows that the entire vial of honey has now become more conductive to electron flow.
Note* Gold and silver are precious metals because they are highly conductive to electron flow.